Your Internship Homework For This Weekend!

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Your Internship Homework For This Weekend!

Alright everyone, last week I told you all your internship homework for the weekend. If you missed that blog, please read it here. I want to give you a few more things to do for this weekend. Take a few hours out of your Saturday or Sunday to get this done. In fact, you could even work on this with the Golden Globes in the background on Sunday night.

DO YOUR RESEARCH this weekend. Last weekend, I had you make a list of the companies/industries where you are interested in interning. Start your Intern Queen Dream List. Write down the company name, company website, internship coordinator contact information, company phone number, and the internship requirements. You want to do this for at least 10-20 employers for summer. Start by using (of course) but if your listings aren&t on my site, just Google the company name and the word internships. Most companies have their internship information on their website. If not, you are normally able to find a website that lists that employer&s internships.

This weekend just concentrate on getting the information down. If you cannot find the company internship information online, we might have to do a cold call. You will have to wait until Tuesday to do these cold calls. I will blog on Tuesday about how to do the proper cold call.

Getting all of this information down is the first step to getting organized and prepared for Summer 2011 internship season. Get excited - and have a great weekend!