Your Internship Tote Bag Must-Haves

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Your Internship Tote Bag Must-Haves

We are in full on internship-preparation mode! One of the things you need to put together is the bag or purse that you'll be taking to your internship. First off, choose a bag that you can wear everyday -- regardless of what color clothes you are wearing. You want to try to change bags for work as little as possible so things don't get lost in the process. Here's a list of everything you need to have in that work bag. Let me know if you have other items to add!

• Make-Up Bag (you’ll probably put makeup on as you leave your house in the morning, but after lunch you’ll probably need to re-powder and refresh your look.

• Cell phone

• Wallet (Credit Cards, at least $20 in cash, ID)

• Safety Pins. Just in case anything happens.

• Hair Ties. Dry Shampoo. These are my must-haves just in case I have an issue at work.

• Any vitamins or pills you need to have with you just in case you need to stay at the office late.

• At least 5 pens.

• Your checkbook.

• A smaller notepad for random ideas that come up. Of course, you’ll take your work notebook with you to and from work all the time.

• A scarf that goes with everything. Just in case you are cold or need a quick outfit fix.

• Business cards (if you have any). Many companies don’t offer cards until you get that second or third position.

• Deodorant

• Perfume/Spray

• Ballet Flats

• Tampons (sorry, guys)

What are YOUR work bag must-haves?