Your Personal Path to Success

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Your Personal Path to Success

This blog was written by our campus ambassador Maggie from the University of Kansas.

Sometimes it is hard to pinpoint our career of choice in this crazy world of endless opportunities. It is essential to find your own personal path to success. As far as careers go, internships are the tried and true way to nail down your passion. Use these steps to stay on your own life path or get back on it if you veer off.

  • Don&t compare yourself to others. The point is to be content with your own work. Competition is inevitable in many industries, but comparison leads to feelings of self defeat. No one needs those feelings, so focus on your goals and make them happen for yourself.
  • Observe and integrate ideas into your career tool kit. Observe the world of ideas outside your doorstep. Network, use internet resources and teach yourself new skills. These new experiences will no doubt lead you down roads you would have never set foot on. They can lead you to new internship and job opportunities or just enhance professional skills.
  • Encourage others in your field. You never know when someone at your internship or in your class will be able to help you in the future. When we help others we end up bringing out the best in ourselves.
  • Take risks. If you aren&t making mistakes then you are not taking enough risks! In order to find your passion you are going to have to try new experiences that might not be to your liking. This could mean taking an internship that is not your ideal choice but could give you the experience needed for your dream job. You never know, you could end up liking it better than your internship of choice.

Follow these tips to narrow down your goals to a single passion and then find an internship that encompasses that passion. With hard work, internships and some good old networking you will find your own personal path to success.