Your Resume Stinks, My Video Will Help!

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Your Resume Stinks, My Video Will Help!  blog image

Your Resume Stinks, My Video Will Help!

Hello Everyone! I posted a brand new video on resume advice. I know we have some others (I'll share them again below) but I know everyone can use a resume refresh. For this video, I edit (LIVE) three resumes that I was given recently (by students). I change the names but give you the honest truth on why their resumes are great - and why they are not-so-great. I had our spring intern, Ashley, watch the video and I asked her to list out her favorite takeaways from it. This is what she said:

Ashley's takeaways from the resume video:


  •      Don’t take too much space with personal information 
  •      Think of your resume as prime real estate
  •      Only include out of the ordinary skills 
  •      It’s not story time – avoid having over one page
  •      Putting too much can be a disservice 


Let me know what your favorite parts of the video are below and here are some relevant resume videos to watch. Also, if you have my first book, ALL WORK, NO PAY, you've seen that I have a ton of resume advice and even a resume builder included. 

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Enjoy everyone!