Is Your Resume Too Fancy?

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Is Your Resume Too Fancy?


In my short time in the intern/professional world, it is safe to say that I have picked up and looked over hundreds of resumes. From being an interviewer to peeking at my roommates' resumes to searching on the Internet for the best templates, I have seen it all. In format, they tend to range from so painfully boring I'd rather read an encyclopedia to way over the top filled with colors and different types of fonts. So how does one choose how much aesthetic effort they put into their resume? Below, I go over the pros and cons of an over the top, colorful, fancy schmansy resume.


In this day and age, it is absolutely vital to stand out. Everything is digital, so unfortunately there's no more possibility for a scented-style Elle Woods resume, but you understand what I'm saying. There is definitely an advantage to having a resume that is colorful and pops out of the pile. After all, HR associates probably get a bit bored of the typical black and white type. Also, we are living in an aesthetic world. It's important in almost every field nowadays to have an eye for style, design, and what looks good. Your resume is your first impression and it is important to fit as many of your skills on there as possible!


Like the pros above, there are also cons. To state the obvious, a fancy and overly designed resume can be overwhelming. On average, people look over resumes of potential candidates for only a few seconds and they will easily toss it aside if they feel like they can't comprehend the information on it. Also, it is important to realize that design is highly subjective. What you may think is clean, good, and unique design may turn someone else off completely. Finally, unless you have the right software for design, the format can change when you are sending from one computer to the next, causing your design to not look they way you wanted it to!

Like I said, formats generally fall into a spectrum of plain and boring to crazy and colorful. What is best for your resume is up to you!