Your Semester Blueprint

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Your Semester Blueprint

This blog post is written by our University of Windsor campus ambassador, Alicia Daly. She has her associates degree in Journalism and is currently majoring in Communications with a minor in Political Science and Spanish. She hopes to pursue a successful career in Broadcast Journalism.

As most of us make our way back into those hour long lecture halls. Keep in mind that we are all now faced with a fresh school year. Let us take advantage of this new semester and look at it as a opportunity in burning most of those bad habits some of us have acquired during our years of studies. I like to call it the number one killer for students, procrastination. I don’t know if I speak for all you here but I speak to those who suffer from it. As we all start our new school year let us try to make way for improvement by juggling our daily task with out an inch of procrastination, to the best we can.

My point here folks is, perhaps we should as students prepare a blueprint of our school year. A  organized lay out of what we would like too and how we would accomplish our goals in this current semester or whole school year.

I’m the type of person where writing lists, jotting down my play be play actions and random thoughts, all  help to keep me in track of what my daily goals are. I feel as students we are faced with so many tedious tasks to do that we can get easily swept away from our personal goals simply because we never make the time to plan or see it through. Our goals could simple be things such as, joining a new student association, taking on more responsibility in a current committee we may be in, preparing a portfolio, researching on grad schools, seeking out summer internships, job searching, creating enough study time to make the deans list etc. Basically making room in our hectic semester for our goals we feel is important for us to complete or that may have a positive influence on our future plans. For example, creating a portfolio of our best work pisces or researching  in potential grad schools.

Since it’s not easy to keep track of all the things we may like to complete at the moment or of things we like to carefully plan ahead. I feel as students we could all simply do this by finding a empty notebook and writing on that blank first page “My blueprint for this semester” or My blueprint for this year” . If you choose to plan for the entire school year, I feel It may be best to start by a semester as too see how successful your blue print plan works for you. That way you can learn from any mistakes made from one semester and perfect them in the next school semester.

Remember this is just you writing down what you would like to get done for the semester or year and how you would like to personally take your steps in doing each task. So here’s an idea of the content one can have in their blueprint page.

Courses to take: Start by picking your classes smart now, It isn’t to late to drop or add classes that you need. So you still have time to research in the best electives that will really help you in your future careers. For example, I’m a Communications major so I choose this year to be the year I finally learn to speak Spanish fluently. It’s not recommended of me to learn it but I have looked ahead in my future career and I feel it would best benefit me in the long run. If we think ahead of what would be required of us to learn in our future jobs or how gaining knowledge from a course would put us ahead of competition, then we should start picking our classes smart now. Start by writing out a list of your classes and what it’s purposes are for taking them, just so you remind yourself of how the course will benefit you. You do this because you want to keep track of your reasoning for taking the course.

Portfolio, Covering letter, Resume and references letters: This heading hear is for you to keep track, to create or make time to update you resume along with the others listed above. It’s important to gather all this information and keep it on file. Making it easier  for you to apply for future jobs. You can also include under this heading how and who you have to contact to get a reference letter from. You can also write out the steps your going to take in perfecting your resume or covering letter. For example, researching in the content you should include on your resume that’s best geared towards the jobs your applying for.

Work Plans: This heading will be based on keeping track of the type of jobs your applying too, how to apply to them. For example in person or by email and if it requires an application. You write down all the information down because you want to remember where you applied too. One time I applied to so many jobs and failed to keep track, so when I got a call back from one, I had no memory of the type of job I had applied too, “Oops!”. By logging your job process this will help you feel organized and in control of your efforts.

Head start on summer plans: You could write a list of places you are interested in applying for  summer internships. Anything really that requires planning ahead for your summer.

You want to cater your blueprint headings to things you like to personally focus on in your school semester or year. Here are some other suggestions for other headings.

Head start on grad school

School budget


School Associations/Greek life

Personal projects

I hope you all understand the idea here, with your blueprint for the school semester or year. It’s all to really see your goals in front of you. It’s your own personalize blueprint for you to achieve success. By taking action in completing your goals in hopes to getting closer to your dreams.  Use your blueprints to motivate you and help you not to get distracted from your goals and to prevent procrastination dead in it’s tracks. Let your school blueprint be your guide line for this semester/ year. Good luck to us all in this  new school semester.