Your Senior Year Calendar for Preparing To Get a Job

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Your Senior Year Calendar for Preparing To Get a Job blog image

Your Senior Year Calendar for Preparing To Get a Job

This blog was written by Korrie, our Campus Ambassador from SUNY Cortland.

September- Research companies that you would be interested to work for and areas you want to live in. Subscribe to business journals and read up the industry that you want to go in to. Stay up to date on industry news and trends.

October- Perfect your resume and cover letter. Have multiple people critique your resume and ask a professional for their advice.

November- Set up informational meetings at companies. If a company is not hiring, don’t check them off your list. I learned so much through informational meetings and now I’m on their list if they ever expand!

December- Update your linked in account, check your google-ability, and clean up your online presence. Create an about me page at and offer direct links to your pages on your resume.

January- Start sending out your resume and cover letter to your list of companies. Also set up accounts on and apply online through websites such as or You may start to get a lot of offers at first; these websites run on the newest get the most read so make sure you update your page once a week (the difference can be adding a period or taking one away) You should be applying to at least ten jobs a day.

February- Follow-Up February. Follow up with all of the companies you applied to. Companies want to see persistence. Don’t be afraid to follow up with a nice message. Keep a list or a folder to keep track of it all.

March- By March it should be time to set up interviews and start narrowing down the search.

April- April is crunch time; the end of the semester is wrapping up and you will soon be making some major decisions. Keep calm and try to not get stressed out. The future can be scary but there are positive things ahead.

May- You’ve made it to May and hopefully have a job or internship lined for after Graduation. If you are a little behind, don’t worry, just get started, it’s not too late!