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The Extra Activities Top 5 Fashion and Beauty Internships This Week!

Are you a trendsetter looking to pursue a career in the world of fashion and beauty? If so, this is your lucky week! We’ve put together a list of the top 5 fashion and beauty internships on the site. Check out the companies, looking for strong candidates like you, hiring NOW!


1) GlamourGals...

The Campus Ambassadors Staying Connected after the Internship is Over

This is blog post was written by Intern Queen Campus Ambassador Ava Keck from Miami University of Ohio.

The summer internship season is now gone and the days of analyzing, reporting, or getting coffee are officially over. Regardless of if you want...

The Extra Activities 6 Ways to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone & Become a Master Networker!

As an introvert who wasn’t always comfortable in new social environments, the word ‘networking’ was one that I tended to shy away from. It seemed too overwhelming.

However, since I recently entered the real world, I’ve become attuned to how increasingly imperative it is to meet new people and make connections with like-minded individuals. I moved to a brand new...

The Internship Intern AND Promote Global Education! Here's How!

If you’re on, we know you’re looking for a unique internship opportunity that will help you launch your career. But what if you could intern AND help other students end the cycle of poverty and attain a better quality of life?

Enter: Course Hero.

Course Hero is a leading advocate of education through technology...