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The Internship Are You Taking Your Internship Seriously?

For today’s blog, let’s examine the definition of the word commitment. According to webster’s, the definition of commitment is, the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc. When you officially accept an internship offer, you are making a commitment to that company. You are agreeing to...

The Intern Queen How to get an Internship Part 1!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Here at Intern Queen, internships are a big deal to us! A lot of students often ask me about how they can get an internship so today I decided to make a video where I take things back to basics and I talk about how to get an internship.

This is a two part series so stay tuned for part 2 coming soon :)

A few tips I talk about include:

  • The correct...
The Internship LA Spring Internships Still Available!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I wanted to do a quick blogpost where I share a list of all the companies that are hiring interns in Los Angeles! Take a look below and send in your customized resume and cover letter ASAP!

Social media internship at The Glam App


The Extra Activities Best Off-Campus Jobs for Students!

This is a guest blog written by Washington Intern Student Housing.

It’s no secret that while you’re a student, money is tight—so for many students it’s important to find a good job. Sometimes on-campus, retail or food service jobs have difficult hours and don’t pay well. Plus, the schedules are too rigid. Here are some...