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The Extra Activities Top 5 Media Industry Internships Hiring NOW!

Are you looking to launch a career in the booming media industry? You're in luck -- we created a list of the top 5 media industry internships on our site this week. Apply NOW!  Remember: we have new internship opportunities going up on the site every day, so don't forget to check back!



The Internship 7 Ways To Impress The Boss at Your Internship and Land a Full-Time Job

Today more than ever, internships are the key to getting a post-grad job - even if you've already graduated. Internships are often the stepping stones to figuring out what you want to do once you're a full-time employee in the "real world." However, are you wondering how to make your current internship a full-time job offer? Follow these tips from a great article I came...

The Internship The Intern Queen's 9 Ways to Rock Your Fall Internship

September may be ending, but your internship - and the rest of your career - is just getting started! Read these tips over, soak them in, and rock your fall internship.

1. Communicate with your supervisor.

Let them know the status of your projects. Check in with them before...

The Intern Queen The Intern Queen is Coming to your Campus!

Have you heard? I will be speaking at all nine universities participating in the #FordChallenge this semester! My goal is for every student to leave feeling more confident and knowledgeable about stepping into the real world. Check out my tour dates below:


October 14 – Boston College 6pm-8pm (McGuinn Hall 121)

October 16 – Rutgers University 6pm-8pm (...